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Accurate Measurement at 0.1 power factor

Power transformers are characterized under open-circuit and short-circuit conditions. Power factor of the transformer is close to zero (<0.01) in open circuit condition, which demands very low phase error, from the power analyzer. The optimum technology of PA600 ensures that its voltage and current channels are carefully matched, provides optimum performance at low power factors.

Epstein frame method as per IS649 & ASTM 343

Our technology and latest software integration has made the Epstein test method very quick and easy with automatic test facility. Automatic testing at nine different induction points, and no need to set flux volt and frequency at each induction point as the conventional Epstein tester. Report in Ms-Excel sheet that gives collected raw data and measured parameters as well as B/H graph, B/Peak Permeability, B/W, B/H peak, B/VA, B/Ac permeability etc. graphs

Surface Insulation Resistivity as per ASTM A717

Energy loss of the transformer is not only depends on the grade of electrical steel but also depend on the insulation of the electrical laminations. As per ASTM A717 and IS649 we have developed Franklin Tester which gives the surface insulation resistivity of electrical steel sheet. Franklin Tester is having auto test facility and thermal printer interface which make the testing just a key away.

Motor Stamping & EI Lamination Testing

It is very much important to inspect the grade and watt losses of motor stamping and EI lamination for high quality and energy efficient motor manufacturing or research on energy efficient motor development. Model RK45 is capable to measure the watt losses at 50Hz and 60Hz of motor stamping, EI lamination or any other size of specimen. RK45 is very useful tool for comparing different grades of motor stamping.

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